About Holicare

Holicare is an approved DVA Community Nursing, Home Care Package and Flexible Care provider in Victoria.

Holicare has expertise in Clinical Case Management - the company is led by a registered nurse with 28 years of community experience. We can guarantee monthly clinical assessments and ongoing liaison with your GPs and other medical providers to determine any issues that may affect your Care Planning and Management strategies.

We conduct a full and comprehensive assessment to maintain your overall health and well-being. YOUR HEALTH is our business.


Committed Compassionate Care

Our Charter of Care

Professionalism. Safety, well-being, and rights. Supporting independence. Participation and Inclusion. Cultural diversity. Innovation. Restless optimists. Equal opportunity employer. Outcomes based.


Our work is delivered at an exceptional standard according to the Human Standards Quality Framework. All our interactions with participants are delivered in a transparent, fair, equal and responsive manner.


Safety, well-being and rights 

We are committed to keeping each participant, safe protecting them from abuse, harm, neglect and violence and respecting their rights.


Supporting independence

We genuinely care about the well-being and interests of our participants. Giving them personal choice, control and a voice is a fundamental principle of our business.


Participation and inclusion

We work closely with families, friends and carers to promote opportunities for aged participants to experience and enjoy active inclusion in society. 


Cultural diversity

We are proud of our cultural awareness strategies and policies. Any culture is welcome to use our services, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people from cultural or linguistically diverse backgrounds. We understand from personal experience what is required for these participants.



Our support services are regularly assessed through internal audits to make sure they are the best available. We are always looking for better ways to improve the care of our participants.


Restless optimists 

We strive for excellence and provision of the best possible home care. Our management of services, through our professional people and processes, are always being improved to maximise outcomes for individuals.


Equal opportunity employer

We only hire the best people who share our passion for providing quality aged care. We do not discriminate against employees based on their race, colour, religion, sex, nationality, age, disability or genetics.  


Outcomes based

All our work is designed to enable individuals to reach their personal goals. Our programs are assessed, planned, delivered and reviewed against each participant's home care plan.


To a Better Way of Living


Our Vision
To become a leading provider of high quality and compassionate in-home care services to the people of Victoria .


Our Mission
To assist senior citizens and people living with disability to lead meaningful, healthy, and active lifestyles with high quality in-home care.

Services include: Nutrition Monitoring. Hospital to home. respite care. domestic assistance. personal care. social support. PAWS pet service. travel and holidays. health and nursing services. parties, weddings, any events. community access. home maintenance. 24-hour telecare monitoring. transport and outings. 24-hour and overnight. case management. parental support, and 24-hour phone support among others.

“We make old age easy!”


-Joie Lacson, Registered Nurse, Director of Holicare

Community Care/DVA

We provide affordable community care services to the aged and physically challenged individuals who choose to live in their own homes. Our excellence in social welfare differentiates us from other providers. The roles and activities for individual clients are specifically tailored to meet their unique needs. This important responsibility is matched by efficient service delivery.


Lifestyle Improvement in Your Community

We are committed to helping retirees maintain a purposeful and active lifestyle. We connect our clients with planned activity groups and community events, so that they can maintain a sense of belongingness and engagement with their local community.

After Hospital Care

We facilitate a qualitative healthcare delivery system, making it easy for you to locate a doctor who matches your healthcare needs. With our commitment to improve the overall health of our clients, our team utilises medical and clinical diagnostic decisions to provide tools and services that ensure that each client has the best care in the privacy of their homes.


“I feel that you have a very caring staff and I look forward to their visits, as they are always so very cheery and polite.  They treat me as a normal human being, whereas because of my age 100 yrs., some people treat me as though I’m in my second childhood which thank God I’m not.  I think you are lucky to have so many happy, caring people on your staff. Many thanks" B. Johnston


"I am writing to thank the Community Nursing team for their work - at short notice - to restore services to my 95 yo mother who wishes to live in her own home in Melbourne. The Community Nursing team found Holicare and I can say that the Holicare team has been absolutely outstanding in difficult circumstances. I and my family have found the Holicare people to be highly skilled, committed and caring professionals who go above and beyond mere baseline expectations. The Community Nursing team and Holicare both deserve to be commended." Sean Farelly



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